Impact, magnified.

Magnia is a strategy-first branding and communications consultancy focused on magnifying the positive impact of social enterprises and nonprofit organisations

Impact, magnified.

Magnia is a team of brand consultants that share a passion for creating positive impact through strategic communications, for organisations that operate in developing regions.

We develop brand communications strategies and implement systems, automations and processes that enable teams to grow awareness, capacity and resources.


We are embracing a new type of organisational structure made popular (and viable) by the changes we’ve experienced from the COVID-19 pandemic. ‘Virtual-first’ companies prioritise remote working and stay connected using online systems, and collaborate in person when strategising as a team.

For Magnia, a virtual-first model allows us to be geographically dispersed across our regions of focus, gives us access to the best talent around the world and reduces infrastructure and logistical overheads – a saving we pass on to our clients.

We do three essential things

We help you define who you are, where you want to be and how to get there

We help you identify your audiences and discover how to engage with them

We help you tell stories that reach your audiences and compel them to act

We're a bit different to most agencies

Money is essential for programmatic impact, yet to continue generating it, a portion of your resources need to be spent on raising awareness and support. This can be hard to communicate to existing and prospective donors.

At Magnia, we understand that, sometimes, changing lives begins with changing minds. That’s why we help you make the most of your resources through a strategic approach to communications, allowing you to focus on what matters most – strengthening stakeholder relationships, attracting flexible and innovative funding, building support and creating change – but without breaking the budget.

We have extensive experience in the nonprofit sector working with multilateral organisations, public and private sector foundations, policy think tanks, large and small nonprofits and successful social impact entrepreneurs. We are deeply passionate about serving this community, that’s why we founded Magnia!

We understand the various communications-related issues faced by those in the sector and have been part of the rapid changes in international development over the past two decades. We are tapped into evolving trends and are big believers in systems-change thinking and leveraging technology to help organisations achieve greater impact.

We understand that a variety of strategies and channels are required to communicate with different stakeholders, whether they are government departments, institutional donors, and individual retail donors, or board members, community-based organisations and staff members.

We have experience of working with all of them and know that the one factor that links effective stakeholder communications is trust. Our experience has shown us that trust is built through clear, consistent and authentic communication.

We advocate for systems change... so we changed our system

When we set up Magnia we asked ourselves, how can we change our own systems to create a positive impact in developing nations? We are doing this by committing to partnerships with in-country communications professionals, thereby creating new opportunities, which will in turn build local capacity, encourage entrepreneurial spirit and lay the foundations for good governance practices.

This mutually beneficial arrangement means we are able to call upon a range of skilled practitioners who speak the local language and understand the local culture.

We currently have in-country partnerships in India and across Africa and the Middle East and we continue to build new relationships.

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Magnia - dedicated to using in-country creative partners
Magnia - branding for social enterprises

Featured in-country partner

Meet Nofiti

‘Nof’ is one of our in-country partners. Based in Addis Ababa, fluent in Amharic and English, and a specialist in social media community management and content creation, Nof is our go-to guru when it comes to campaigns we’re running in Ethiopia.

By having native speakers like Nofiti on the ground, we are fulfilling our commitment to building in-country capacity, and also ensuring that local culture is properly respected and reflected in your communications.

Our core team

Magnia’s team are experts in brand communications. Through our ‘virtual-first’ structure and in-country partnerships, we scale our support to meet the needs of each business we work with.

A selection of the organisations our team has worked with

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