Policy Statement

At Magnia, we recognise the profound importance of environmental sustainability in shaping the future of our planet and the well-being of current and future generations. We understand that our actions directly impact the environment, communities, and ecosystems in which we operate.

As an organisation, we appreciate the critical importance of environmental sustainability in our operations and acknowledge our responsibility to minimise our ecological footprint while contributing to the conservation and protection of natural resources. This policy outlines our commitment to integrating environmental sustainability principles into all aspects of our activities and operations.

Magnia commits to:

  1. To reduce our environmental impact through efficient resource management and waste minimisation.
  2. To comply with all relevant environmental laws, regulations, and standards.
  3. To promote environmental awareness and responsibility among our employees, stakeholders, and the communities in which we operate.
  4. To continually improve our environmental performance through regular review and evaluation of our practices and processes.

In pursuit of our environmental sustainability objectives, we adhere to the following key principles:

Resource Efficiency: We minimise our consumption of natural resources by implementing efficient technologies and practices throughout our operations. Co-working spaces allow us to share resources and reduce our overall environmental footprint. We also prioritise the use of energy-efficient technologies in our operations.

Pollution Prevention: We take proactive measures to prevent pollution by identifying and mitigating potential environmental risks associated with our operations. This includes utilising e-filing systems, digital contracts and documents, and we print double-sided when necessary. We’ve also eliminated single-use items within the organisation, such as plastic water bottles and straws, replacing them with reusable alternatives.

Stakeholder Engagement: We engage with our employees, suppliers, customers, and local communities to foster a culture of environmental responsibility and collaboration. As part of our commitment, we prioritise the use of e-meetings to reduce unnecessary travel and spending.

Continuous Improvement: We regularly monitor, measure, and evaluate our environmental performance to identify opportunities for improvement and innovation.


Responsible for leading and ensuring the implementation of the organisation’s Environmental Sustainability Policy, and engaging the team in our actions to meet the policy’s goals.

Staff and partners

All staff and partners are expected to familiarise themselves with this policy and comply with its provisions.

This policy was last updated on the 15th May 2024