Magnia's Brand Communications Workshop

Price: US $3,600
Format: Three-hour online workshop with up to eight key stakeholders (minimum four required)

The agenda

The 3-hour long, online workshop is broken down into three distinct sections:

Brand core

In this part of the workshop we explore questions that help you to define your organisation’s purpose (why you exist), ambition (what you aim to achieve) and core beliefs (what you stand for).

Brand position

During the brand positioning section of the workshop we focus on defining your audience, competitors and partners. We also talk about the communications channels you could be exploring to raise awareness, spread your brand’s message and attract investment.

Brand persona

This section of the workshop helps you to identify how your organisation currently presents itself to the world through your visual identity, brand personality and brand tone of voice.

The outcome

To attract investment, drive awareness and create impact, an organisation must build brand trust.

Our experience has shown us that trust is built through clear, consistent and authentic communication, which can only be achieved if your team is aligned on the big truths for your organisation.

A lack of alignment leads to wasted time, energy and resources!

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