A guide to nonprofit emergency response communications

Social impact organizations are key in offering emergency services to communities. An effective communication strategy provides crucial support and keeps…

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A Magnia perspective on what social impact means to us

Social impact has the power to transform communities. We make a case for why we need more social impact organisations and how different sectors can…

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The case for more women-led organisations

Today, many institutions and nations worldwide are celebrating International Women’s Day. This year’s theme, “Invest in women—accelerate progress”, calls…

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The Road to COP28: Our journey supporting climate-focused organisations

The road to COP28: Our journey supporting climate-focused organisations

Embark on the road to COP28 with inspiring stories, from our climate-focused clients creating incredible solutions through collaborations, inclusivity and…

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How nonprofits can build trust with donors

Learn how nonprofits can establish and enhance trust with donors, volunteers, and stakeholders. Discover strategies for transparency, consistency, and…

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Optimise your digital platforms to build brand trust

Explore strategies to enhance brand trust through improved digital platforms for nonprofits of all sizes. Learn essential steps to optimise social media…

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Practical strategies to increase brand awareness for your nonprofit

In this article, we discover the power of brand awareness in driving success for nonprofits. We also explore effective strategies for boosting brand…

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