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Project Mercy is an Ethiopian non-profit organization focused on addressing the critical needs of vulnerable populations through a variety of comprehensive programs aimed at fostering sustainable development. Founded on the principles of compassion and community empowerment, Project Mercy strives to improve the quality of life for individuals in underserved communities by providing access to essential services such as healthcare, education, and economic opportunities.

Through collaborative partnerships and community-led initiatives, it commits to creating lasting change by equipping individuals with the tools and resources necessary to transform their lives and communities. Its holistic approach ensures that it addresses the root causes of poverty and inequality, driving systemic change and promoting social justice. With a focus on innovation and effectiveness, Project Mercy continues to expand its impact, reaching more people and making a tangible difference in the lives they lead.

Magnia has been a communications partner to Project Mercy since 2022. In April 2024 we launched an updated website that aligns with the organisation’s core values and objectives, and incorporates key findings from our brand and digital audit to enhance how Project Mercy’s stakeholders engage with the organisation’s work.

Setting strategic objectives

Our focus was on building bridges and fostering connections, whether among staff, board members, local heroes, or potential donors. By conducting an extensive audit, facilitating a discovery workshop and engaging in stakeholder interviews, we honed in on strategic objectives that would drive the organisation forward. These objectives included enhancing storytelling, inspiring donors through impactful narratives, and catering to the digital preferences of a new generation of philanthropists.

With these goals in mind, we set objectives for the website in collaboration with Project Mercy to serve as guiding principles throughout the redesign process. These objectives remained unchanged:

  • Provide information about the ambition, function, and structure of the organisation and explain the link between the US and Ethiopia
  • Provide a platform for impact stories to be shared and consumed
  • Facilitate retail donations through an online donation platform
  • Provide information that establishes Project Mercy’s activities as trustworthy and worthy

Creating high-quality content

Our journey took us deep into the heart of Ethiopia, where we collaborated closely with our Ethiopian creative partners to capture the essence of life in Yetebon and Cha Cha. Through multiple trips to the region, we immersed ourselves in the community, listening intently to their stories and experiences. It was essential for us to ensure that our team was predominantly Ethiopian, allowing us to capture authentic narratives in both visual and written forms.

We thank Barcot, Kalkidan, and Abenezer for their continued dedication to dignified storytelling

The insights gathered from these field visits not only informed the website’s content but also led to an update of Project Mercy’s overall messaging. Together with senior leadership and the board of directors, we redefined the organisation’s mission, vision, and values, breathing new life into its identity.

Redefining the brand

In parallel, our Creative Director, James, collaborated closely with our Senior Graphic Designer, Addi, to update Project Mercy’s brand identity and establish comprehensive brand guidelines. Addi who is both based in and from Ethiopia brought an extra layer of context to the branding process to ensure the final identity was authentic to the region and Project Mercy’s vision.

The branding process was in line with our overall audit recommendations, which included:

  • Correctly set up platforms to enable data collection and analysis
  • Define brand identity elements and create brand guidelines
  • Redesign website to provide recommended structure and content
  • Implement an integrated digital fundraising campaign that ties together website, social media and email marketing activities
  • Implement an integrated digital brand awareness campaign that ties together website, social media and email marketing activities

Project Mercy brand guidelines

Putting it all together

For the Project Mercy website development, we chose to partner with Defijn, a South African-based digital product agency, to ensure a nuanced understanding of the regional context and topics at hand. The end result was a website that not only boasted a fresh and intuitive design but also reflected Project Mercy’s holistic model and impact. Users can now navigate seamlessly through interactive multimedia elements, access clear and consistent messaging, and engage with enhanced accessibility features, all while experiencing the true essence of Project Mercy’s mission.

Overall, this project illustrates our commitment to strategic and purposeful communications. Rather than merely making noise for our clients, we prioritise sustainable solutions that resonate with the right audiences and inspire them to take meaningful action. Through our holistic and transformational approach, we strive to empower organisations like Project Mercy to create lasting change in their communities and beyond.

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